Let’s get to the heart of what you want…and the nuts and bolts of creating it.

About You

We haven’t met yet, but I’ll take some guesses: You want to do more of what you’re great at and spend less time on the other stuff. You wish you were more efficient and effective. You’re your own boss and wish you knew what to tell yourself to do next so that you could get past this plateau you’ve hit and scale your business into the wild-success stratosphere. …Or… You’re the boss of other people, and you want to do a better job of leading and inspiring them. You want to be legendary. In a happy way, not a scary way. You want to be the one-not some other hire-who leads your company into the future.

About You Design You

I work with you to achieve your goals. It’s really that simple. I’m tops at this. My clients whether entrepreneurs or company big-wigs, talk about their businesses doing “a complete 180.”

From the glimmer of an idea to successful crowdfunding campaign, project fruition, and global attention. From no solution for deadstock to an annual sale that became an event with a cult following. From near-mutiny to the most motivated, “I HEART MY BOSS” team around.

Having directly supervised, managed, and mentored more than 500 individuals over 15 years, I have a knack for motivating even the most difficult people and for asking the questions that dissolve sticky problems and crack open opportunities you never knew existed.

Business Coaching For The Ambitious

About Nina


I don’t dillydally. I’m direct, practical, and warm. I walk the talk by teaching skills I use myself, by building myself and my business to new heights, just ad I help you do. The process is fun, the results are gratifying, and I love it. I’m funny. I think. People laugh so that’s a good sign.

Here are some details that, however dry, make it easy to get budgetary approval. I have a business degree in organizational behavior and leadership I’m a certified coach; I’ve written curriculum and training manuals on a wide variety of topics. I’ve spent the last 15 years wearing all different coaching, consulting, managing, hiring, and training hats, as an individual and front-of-the-room trainer, group facilitator, supervisor, mentor, coach, and consultant.

I got my feet wet as a leader and master of helping people along-by leading groups of teens, college students, and adults abroad, plus groups of volunteers to developing countries. (I-or the record, nothing beats homemade pupusas and getting to know a family of strangers in their home.)

Over the years, I’ve found I have a gift for helping people see what they can’t about themselves and for helping them change those things. That’s the art I bring to businesses like yours – to patch weak spots and my big opportunities for growth.

So how can I help you?


“Nina was the best business coach I’ve ever worked with. She helped me increase profits and become who I’ve always wanted to be.”